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City of Morgantown LGTBQ Amendment to Article 153 of City Code
On September 25 the council was presented with an Ordinance that modified Article 153 of the City Code, adding LGTBQ protections against discrimination and related aspects. The meeting was well attended by the public and many, including the CCSJ (Mike Attfield) spoke in support. There was no apparent opposition. On October 3, the Ordinance was officially read, and again there was strong support from the public and no obvious opposition. At this meeting the council voted in favor of the Ordinance 7 - 0. The final reading and vote took place on October 21. There was another wonderful city council meeting on October 17th to support the revised Human Rights Commission ordinance with a large crowd of supporters. For the first time, several people spoke in opposition, but the ordinance easily passed 7-0. PDF of the Ordinance here.
City of Morgantown Welcoming Resolutions
On Tuesday May 2 the Morgantown City Council adopted resolutions on a Morgantown Welcome Statement and one supporting the rights of immigrants, refugees and asylees. These were originally presented at the March 26th Committee of the Whole meeting. A revised welcome statement was presented at the April 28th Committee of the Whole meeting. Mike Attfield spoke on behalf of CCSJ on March 28th and May 2nd, and Barb Howe spoke on April 26th.
The new “Welcome Statement”, which passed unanimously is as follows:
“Welcome to Morgantown!
“The City of Morgantown welcomes all people regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, ancestry, age, abilities, blindness, economic or family status, or life situation. We strive to be an inclusive community for our residents and visitors. We ask everyone to act with a helpful intent, to respond to each other with civility, and to treat our environment with respect.”
“Be it further resolved, that the City of Morgantown Human Rights Commission supports the prominent placement of said statement on the City Website and on any and all relevant signs, documents or public locations.
“Be it further resolved, that the City of Morgantown Human Rights Commission petitions the Morgantown City Council to concur and to adopt this resolution and to instruct the City Manager to take such steps as may be necessary and prudent to implement the use of the above Welcome Statement.”

CCSJ Honored by Morgantown Human Rights Commission

The Morgantown Human Rights Commission has chosen CCSJ to be the recipient of its 2017 organizational Human Rights Day Award. The award was presented at the meeting of the Morgantown City Council in City Hall on Tuesday, December 19th, followed by a reception at the Aull Center next door. We thank the Morgantown Human Rights Commission for this great recognition! The Dominion Post news report of the award can be seen here. On the right is a picture from the event showing CCSJ representative Austin Porter responding to the award.