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Notable International and National Human Rights Events and Diversity Holidays for the Month

Information from a calendar of annual human rights observances on the Morgantown City website and from Diversity Resources.

July Heritage Month: French-American Month
This month, celebrate the history between France and the United States. Celebrate the contributions of French Americans to society. It is celebrated every July which also hosts Bastille Day on July 14 (Fête nationale française or le 14 juillet), a French Revolution event that united the French people.

July Awareness Month: Disability Pride Month
Raise awareness about the capabilities and achievements of people living with a disability. This month-long observance aims to challenge stigma and promote a more inclusive workplace and world.

July: National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
This month, rally to help better understand the mental health struggles felt in minority communities nationwide. This is a month for education, support, and most importantly solidarity.

July 3: Black Hair Independence Day
Also known as National CROWN Day, this day aims to raise awareness about the CROWN (Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act. It’s a law that prohibits racial discrimination based on hair texture and protective hairstyles, such as braids, locs, twists, and knots, in workplaces and public schools... The initiative addresses racial biases and aims to foster acceptance of natural hair. California was the first, enacting this law in 2019, and since then, 17 states have followed suit.

July 4: Independence Day
Anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776 which led to the creation of a new union and new rights for citizens.

July 11: World Population Day
Emphasizes awareness that the world’s #1 problem is too many people using too many resources and creating too much unsustainable waste. Excesses impact current climate, energy, and support systems.

July 14: International Non-Binary People’s Day
This date was chosen as it’s the halfway point between International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day. This awareness day is dedicated to better understanding those who don’t fit into the traditional gender binary. Dedicate some time to understanding gender identity and pronouns this month. As of 2024, 18 U.S. states allow individuals to choose a non-binary option, marked as X, on their driver’s licenses.

July 18: Nelson Mandela Day
This day honors the legacy of Nelson Mandela, focusing on his contributions to peace, freedom, and democracy. It encourages people to dedicate 67 minutes to volunteering or community service, symbolizing Mandela’s 67 years of public service. It’s a global call to action for people to embody the spirit of Mandela in working towards conflict resolution, democracy, and human rights.

July 26: National Disability Independence Day
National Disability Independence Day commemorates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) into law in 1990. This day is a powerful one for the rights of people living with a disability in the workplace and beyond. It celebrates progress made in ensuring that equal opportunities, access and inclusion for all people exist in employment and public spaces.

Religious Holidays for the Month

Information from a calendar of diversity events from Diversity Resources.

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