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Notable International and National Human Rights Events and Diversity Holidays for the Month

Information from a calendar of annual human rights observances on the Morgantown City website and from Diversity Resources.

February: Black History Month
February is recognized as Black History Month, a time to celebrate and acknowledge the significant contributions and history of Black individuals and communities. This monthlong observance is dedicated to remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It’s a period for reflection, education, and celebration, highlighting the achievements and struggles of Black people throughout history and in contemporary society.

February 1-7: World Interfaith Harmony Week

February 2: National Wear Red Day
Occurring on the first Friday in February every year, the red dress is a national symbol to raise awareness about heart disease in women. The American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day movement hopes to save lives while helping women to beat heart disease, which is their number one killer. Show support by wearing red on this day.

February 4: World Cancer Day
On this international day, we raise awareness of cancer in order to spread the word about how to detect it, prevent it, and most importantly, treat it. This United Nations observed day focuses on how to reduce illness and deaths caused by cancer.

February 14: Pink Triangle Day
This day is dedicated to remembering the history of the LGBTQ+ community, especially those that were persecuted during the Nazi regime during World War II. The pink triangle was frequently used to identify and discriminate against the community.

February 14: Race Relations Day
A day designated by the National Council of Churches in recognition of the importance of interracial relations and learning.

February 15: Susan B. Anthony Day
Birthday of Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), a pioneer in the Women’s Rights Movement.

February 20: World Day of Social Justice
Recognition of the imperative for tackling issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment

Religious Holidays for the Month

Information from a calendar of diversity events from Diversity Resources.

February 10: Lunar New Year (Pagan)
This is a significant traditional festival celebrated by many Asian cultures. It marks the beginning of the lunar new year, falling on different dates each year based on the lunar calendar. The festival is a time of family reunions, special meals, and cultural activities. Each year is represented by a zodiac animal, with 2024 being the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing luck, power and strength.

February 15: Parinirvana or Nirvana Day (Buddhist)
This day is a Mahayana Buddhist holiday celebrated in various countries in East Asia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. While some observe it on February 8, most celebrate it on February 15. The day commemorates the death of the Buddha, when he attained complete nirvana or Parinirvana. It’s a time for reflection on the teachings of the Buddha, focusing on the achievement of enlightenment and the realization of the Four Noble Truths.